It all starts with the plants…

Welcome community! My name is Jaycee and I am the creator of Unfurl Wellness. As a young girl, helping my mom in her garden, I developed a love and curiosity for the natural world. I pursued studies in biology and sustainable agriculture before delving into the world of plants as medicine - the perfect melding of my love of science and wellness!

I began playing in 2015 with simple, herbal alternatives to conventional skin care products after discovering the amount of damaging and dangerous ingredients they can be made from. What we put on our bodies is absorbed by our bodies!  I felt called to share my creations with friends and family which led to my collection of plant infused creations made from plants I harvest or grow in my garden.  

Since then, I have become a certified Ayurvedic Lymphatic Drainage Practitioner and a Yoga Instructor (Langara College 200 hour teacher training, 2015). And most recently, a Wise Woman Way of Birth Doula. As a lifelong learner, I  am currently studying herbal medicine through the School of Evolutionary Herbalism as well as self study in the Wise Woman Tradition.

I was born and lived for most of my life in New Westminster, BC. As a transplant to the West Kootenays, I now have the honour to be in relationship with the territories of the Sinixt Nation. I acknowledge that I am a guest on this land and always do my best in my growing and harvesting practices to honour the plants, Mother Earth and the people who came before me.